Ponca City woman makes history

Ponca City Now - February 18, 2014 6:27 am

Ponca City City Commission is saying goodbye to a women who made history.

Diane Anderson was Ponca City’s first black American to serve on the City Commission.

Anderson said she was proud and humbled to have been elected.

" I think I was elected not so much from the standpoint that I was a black person or that I was a woman," Anderson said. "I think I was elected because people felt I was capable of doing the job, and the fact that I am a black American didn’t stop them from voting for me and putting me in that office, and so I think that says a lot about our community and how we value diversity of thought, people, religion.

Anderson who served for nine years said there are many reason’s she is leaving.

She said it’s time to give someone else that opportunity.

“I chose not to run for a fourth term for several reasons, one big reason is because I have a 10 year-old son and an 11 year-old daughter," Anderson said. "As they get older they are requiring more and more of my time, they are in a lot of sports, they are in Girl Scouts, they’re Boy Scouts and so having that extra time will do it. I also feel that you can become stagnated in one position and I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

Mary Beth Moore ran unopposed for Anderson’s seat.

Anderson said she knows her and is an excellent person for the position.

Anderson said it is hard to nail down one thing she is most proud of.

“ I am really proud of the skate park, Dan Moran Park," Anderson said. "I am really happy we got that, it’s very well used. It was difficult. A lot of people sometimes equate skateboard parks with the wrong faction of the community, but I don’t think we have a wrong faction, I think sometimes we don’t give our kids enough credit. I am happy that we got the skate park done. I am also really excited that we have the water pads going and we’re going to have another one.”

She also said she was proud of helping bring the free wi-fi and University Multispectral Laboratories to town.

Also, getting the town a new fire and trash trucks.

Anderson’s last meeting will be Monday.

There will be a farewell reception at 5 p.m.


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