Ponca City To Participate In Earthquake Drill

Ponca City Now - October 16, 2013 10:02 am

We are all use to having tornado drills, but with the recent rise in earthquakes new precautions are necessary.

Ponca City has registered to participate in a nationwide earthquake drill.

It’s called the Great Central U.S. Shakeout.

On Oct. 17 at 10:17 everyone is suppose to take the proper earthquake position, drop, cover and hold on.

When you drop you are to drop down onto to your hands and knees, then cover your head and neck and hold on to your shelter.

The campaign also includes instructions for if you are outside or driving during an earthquake.

If you are outdoors move to a clear area.

Avoid power lines, trees, signs, buildings and vehicles.

If you are driving pull over, set the parking break and stay inside the vehicle until the shaking is over.

Avoid overpasses, bridges, power and signs.


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