Ponca City Spring Clean-Up April 6-13

Ponca City Now - March 18, 2024 6:04 am

Ponca City’s Annual Spring Cleanup will be held April 6 thru April 13 for Ponca City residents. Solid Waste crews will pick up most trash and haul it away, or residents can haul it to the landfill themselves and get rid of it for free. Ponca City Utility customers will be receiving a flyer in their utility bill with detailed information.
City Collections
Crews will pick up any extra items placed in your regular pickup area EXCEPT the following:
• Poisons, acids and caustics
• Car batteries
• Explosives
• Body wastes
• Large bulky objects such as automobile frames
• Tires
• Items or materials containing Freon, PCB, etc.
• Items that could cause damage to collection equipment or personal injury to collectors
• Dirt, rocks, concrete and other debris resulting from construction or demolition
• Dead animals, animal excreta, etc. that has not been wrapped and tightly sealed in moisture proof wrapping
• Logs greater than 8 inches in diameter and longer than 4 feet or weighing more than 75 pounds
• Brush that is not bundled, longer than 4 feet in length and weighing more than 75 pounds
• Containers larger than 35 gallons
Dumping Guidelines: Citizens must show a CURRENT PCUA Utility Bill with trash service. The address on the PCUA bill and their driver’s license must match!
LIMIT 6 loads per resident
Pickup bed = 1 load
Pickup bed+ single axle trailer = 2 loads
Pickup bed+ double axle trailer = 3 loads
In an effort to discourage unauthorized commercial dumping, vehicles larger than a pickup or trailer will be charged standard landfill fees.
Tires just sitting around your home take up space, deteriorates the look of your property and become breeding grounds to some dangerous critters. To top it all off you have to pay to get rid of them!
During the Annual Spring Clean-Up you can get rid of those tires once and for all at the landfill, with NO additional cost to you. Tires must take the tires to the designated area at the Landfill.
Restrictions: The tires must be 24 inches or smaller. Tires on rims, tractor or heavy equipment tires will not be accepted.

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