Ponca City Senior High School Students Will Have New Dining Concepts

Ponca City Public Schools - August 1, 2022 5:22 pm

Ponca City Senior High School

Students this fall will get to experience several new dining concepts at Ponca City Senior High, featuring a new taco line and an all bowl line in the Retro Mart dining area.

According to Jeff Denton, Director of Child Nutrition, “The Retro Mart was in need of some cosmetic and concept changes designed to offer a different cuisine style that are trending in the popular dining establishments in this region.”

The two new lines will feature trending culinary menus designed to offer a wide variety of combinations of bases, proteins and toppings in which the students will be able to personalize their menu selections and build it in a way they prefer.

The E.M.T.- Eat Mucho Tacos line will be located where the All-American Line has been in operation for many years. The line is located in the Retro Mart, the original cafeteria space in between the Howell, Commons and Anderson building.  The serving area has been redesigned with one long serving line and brightly decorated with cuisine style décor, Edison lights, graphics and brightly painted doors. The menu will consist of students choosing a soft-shell tortilla, a crunchy shell, street tortilla, burrito or tostado. Then they will choose a protein selection featuring ground taco meat, beef steak, southwest chicken, chicken Tinga or chicken chunks to be topped with their choice of lettuce, onions, sour cream, tomatoes, pico and salsas. The line will also consist of featured sides such as mexi beans, rice, veggies and fruit. A special featured taco will be offered in addition along with the other selections.

The BOWLS line will be located along the east wall of the Retro Mart. This line will look similar to the Mexi and Italian cuisine line which was in place for many years and served a wide variety of cuisines over the years. The line is getting a facelift with accent lighting and an abstract mural on the wall behind the serving area. Every main course will be served in a bowl in these two lines. The north entry line will feature a taco bowl and nachos every day. The students will be able to choose the same protein and toppings offered in the E.M.T line.

On the south entrance, the line will feature Asian, Italian and All American where the students can also choose the protein selections including Sous Vide Beef, baked chicken and pork. In addition, the students can add rice, veggies, sauces and a variety of toppings. As with the other lines, veggies and fruit will be offered with all meals. Denton also stated that one day a week will feature Pho (ramen) in this line.

The CHIX line in the Commons will also start featuring hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches and corn dogs on a daily basis in addition to the daily offering of chicken and fries. In addition, packaged salads and an assortment of fruit and vegetables will be offered.

Denton states that the On the Fly line will hopefully reopen this year if staff allows. The line will feature packaged gourmet sandwiches and salad and other grab and go items. The line is located on the west Commons entrance of the dining area.

Recently the USDA announced that the schools participating in the National School Lunch Program will return to meal pricing based on household applications. Students can qualify for free or reduced meals. The full price for meals will be $3.00 and the reduced price will be $ .40 and free at no charge for all lines.

Ala Carte items are available for purchase and will be clearly marked.


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