Ponca City residents asked to report damage

Ponca City Now - May 28, 2019 2:12 pm


In light of the multiple storm events that have produced flooding in the Ponca City area this past week, local and state officials are seeking information from the public to determine the extent of any damage that may have occurred to homes and businesses from flood waters.

Although flooding commonly occurs near streams and drainage ditches, 37 percent of all flood claims come from the owners of property lying outside designated flood hazard areas.  The City of Ponca City has prepared a Stormwater Master Plan that identifies areas prone to flooding and a number of projects have been completed that mitigate further damage in the future.  However, the City of Ponca City is seeking to find “localized drainage problems” that fall outside the scope of the study.

Reporting damage helps local and state emergency managers better coordinate response and recovery efforts:

  • Those persons who have sustained flood damage to their home or business are urged to call the City of Ponca City’s Development Services Department at 767-0383 and speak with a staff member about the specifics of their problems.  Staff may also want to personally come out and visit the site to examine the extent of the damage and determine the probable cause.
  • In addition, the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management continues to ask residents impacted by the recent storms to report damages to their property at ok.gov or by calling 211.  Residents can report damage to homes, businesses or agriculture through the online survey.

Public Assistance for Storm and Flooding Related Cleanup

From now until June 14, 2019, several relief agencies are staffing a free hotline for muck-out, debris removal, and home cleanup from the recent statewide storms and flooding. This hotline will connect survivors with reputable and vetted relief agencies that will assist in debris cleanup and mucking out, as they are able. All services are free, but service is not guaranteed due to the expected overwhelming need. The public may call 800-451-1954 to request help with storm and flooding related cleanup. Those requests will be shared with relief organizations at crisiscleanup.org

Ponca City Road Closings

Currently, the following roads have been closed in Ponca City:

  • Pecan, South of Lake Road.
  • Pecan, Between Lake Road and the Ponca City Country Club
  • South Avenue, East of 14th Street
  • Lake Road, East of Ponca Bowl to Kygar Road

Intersection Closings

  • Lake Road and Pecan

Animal Control

The Ponca City Animal Control Center is not safely accessible by any means other than a boat.  Animal Control is looking into options for where animals can be held.  If Animal Control finds a temporary place to shelter, it is likely that space will be limited.   At this time, if an animal is not aggressive or posing a threat to a citizen, Animal Control will attempt to find an owner, but will not pick the animal up.   Animal Control will continue to look for options and the Humane Society, local rescues, and veterinarians are helping.


  • If you see water on the road…turn around, don’t drown.
  • it is illegal to drive around barricades.
  • Avoid contact with flood water and never let your children play in flood water.
  • Flood insurance is available to anyone, even those persons who reside outside of designated flood hazard areas.  Please contact your local insurance agent for more information.




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