Ponca City man roots for nephew in Super Bowl

Ponca City Now - January 28, 2014 12:31 pm

A local man is rooting for a football player who is family in the Super Bowl.

Bill Wetzel, Ponca City insurance partner is Denver Bronco’s wide receiver, Wes Welker’s uncle.

Wetzel isn’t going to this years game, but he went the two years Welker played for the Patriots.

“It’s wonderful," Wetzel said."It’s really a lighter atmosphere than most football games you go to. Of course, everyone is just really enjoying it because it’s the pinnacle of football. It’s just a wonderful time. My Mom’s going to go this one, but I am not going to go. So, Wes’s grandmother will be there. ”

Welker hasn’t won a ring yet, but he is tied for the most catches in the Super Bowl.

Wetzel said Welker is often asked what its been like to play beside Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

These two are considered the leading quarterbacks.

Welker said they have subtle differences, but they’re both on top of their game.

"We follow Wes no matter where he goes," Wetzel said. "I still have my teams I like, and I always have liked. When it comes to Sunday afternoon we’ll be watching Wes for whatever team he’s playing for.”

He said he loves the combination of the Bronco’s between Peyton Manning and John Elway as general manager.

He said Welker knows what to do since he is a Super Bowl veteran.

If Wetzel was to give his nephew advice it would be to stay focused and concentrate on the game.


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