Ponca City is in high fire danger

Ponca City Now - March 13, 2014 1:13 pm

With the little precipitation and Oklahoma winds the state has been in high fire danger a lot this winter.

Wildfires have sparked around the state, including one in Ponca City earlier this week.

Fire Chief, Butch Herring said there are simple things you could do around the house to help prevent fires from starting or spreading.

“Our main concern is having items up near a home or near an out building that is flammable, pace board, anything made out of paper or anything that’s combustible like that," Herring said. "As well as, high grass or weeds around the home. It’s recommended that you make sure you keep your lawn close to the ground, mowed real short during the winter time and also make sure you cut back any under brush that could catch on fire as a wildfire spreads.”

Oklahoma Forestry Services have declared a red flag warning for most of the state through the weekend.

Herring said to mow your grass right now, but to dispose of it without burning .

“As people want to get out of their homes and starting doing some yard work a lot times they aren’t thinking about the dangers involved in setting a small brush fire or small grass fire or anything like," Herring said. "I know it’s tempting when it starts warming up to really get serious about their yard work, but it’s also a serious situation with the conditions we have been experiencing the past few days.”

Residents are encouraged to avoid burning until moisture returns to the state.


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