Ponca City High School Wildcat of Week #21 is Senior Laney Reynolds

Ponca City Public Schools - May 2, 2023 6:30 am

The Heather Cannon Wildcat of Week #21 for the 2022-2023 School Year was presented to Po-Hi Senior Laney Reynolds. “Laney is that student who reminds everyone of all the good in the world!” said PCPS Superintendent, Shelley Arrott. “She is so active in our student organizations, is an excellent and responsible student, and is one of the most kind and caring people that anyone could ever know. She participates in concurrent enrollment with NOC through the University Center, is very involved in the internship program, is a member of the varsity soccer and tennis teams, a member of the Po-Hi Women’s Chorale and that is just the tip of the iceberg! She is a member of DECA, Youth Traffic Court, National Honor Society, Student Council, AND is the Senior Class President. More importantly, she is an amazing friend, a role model for students and adults, and a positive leader who others want to follow. Laney has a strong sense of social responsibility and is motivated to make a positive impact on the world around her.”
“Laney participates in the student internship program and works with one of our speech pathologists, Ms. Audrey Curtis. Ms. Curtis stated, ‘Laney has been interning with me for the spring semester and will do wonderful things beyond her time at PO-HI. She is the epitome of what educators try to pass on to students on a daily basis; she is kind, responsible, intelligent, humorous, and dedicated.’ Her soccer coach, Coach Arnold said, ‘I have watched Laney grow up from her time at Union Elementary all the way to coaching her in soccer. Her work ethic is top notch on the field and in the classroom.’ Coach Williams, her tennis coach commented, ‘Laney is genuine, cares about others, is goal oriented, and is an extremely hard worker.’ Mr. Keilman, her choir director remarked, ‘Laney is the embodiment of teamwork – in chorale and in everything else she participates. She has been in chorale for four years and is always eager to improve; she has taken solos to OSSAA events and always does very well and improves each time she competes. Laney has a calm, confident presence in class. It has been a pleasure having her in choir!”
“Laney, it was an honor to present this award to you because what people may not know is that I have loved you since you were in PreK because I was your principal at Union Elementary when you were in PreK and Kindergarten. Even when you were 4 and 5 years old you demonstrated the characteristics of Wildcat Way before you even knew about them. I am so proud of your responsibility, work ethic, leadership, and your dedication to your activities, but more than that, I am proud of what a kind, thoughtful, and loving human you are. You go above and beyond to make everyone feel valued and supported by demonstrating empathy, understanding, and consideration toward others. It is wonderful to have you as a member of our school family because you are patient, non-judgmental, and you make others feel safe in your presence. It is refreshing just being around you, because you remind us of all the good in the world that is sometimes hard to remember.”
“In the fall, you are planning on attending the NOC to become a speech pathologist. You will be an amazing speech pathologist and your students will love you. You do not know it now, but you will be that constant in many kids’ lives who will give them hope and help them build dreams for their future. Students always remember those special teachers who believe in them and make them feel valued and a great teacher’s influence is so important in the lives of their students forever. Obviously, I am thrilled you are going to be a speech pathologist, but education is in your blood since your parents are both teachers. Without a doubt, you have the heart of a great teacher! I know you do not know where you might begin your career, but I hope it is with PCPS so you can influence the lives of other Wildcats!”
“I must mention a couple of small examples that really demonstrate your character, responsibility, and worth ethic. On Thursday, when this award was presented, you had just returned from the International DECA Conference in Orlando at 4:00 AM that morning, yet you were still at school, which speaks volumes. Then, before I had even returned to the office, you had sent me a message thanking me for saying all those nice things about you and that you appreciate Ponca City Schools so much. Laney, those words came from my heart, and they were all so very true. We are all better people because you have been in our lives. You have thrived as a Wildcat your entire life and you are destined for greatness. I know I speak on behalf of your family, your school family, and our community that we are so proud of you, and you represent all of us with class, dignity, and grace! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown from your first day in PreK to your Senior year. We will all miss you greatly, but we will be admiring your greatness from home as you make your mark on this world. The mark you leave will be profound; just like the mark you have left on our school!”
Each week a new “Wildcat of the Week” will be selected from the nominations of TEAM Radio listeners and viewers. Winners receive a free BBQ sandwich meal from Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters and a T-shirt from Boss Custom Tees. PCPS will make the presentation weekly at Po-Hi. If you know an outstanding student at Po-Hi who is living the Wildcat Way, please use the form in one of these links https://www.poncacitynow.com//32875-2/, or visit www.PoncaCityNow.com, www.PoHiSports.com, or www.pcps.us.
The “Wildcat of the Week” Award is sponsored by Heather Cannon Honda. The award is for a deserving high school student who follows the characteristics of the Wildcat Way which are Work Ethic, Improve, Leadership, Discipline, Compete, Attitude, and Teamwork. These characteristics may be exhibited in any setting and is open to all Ponca City High School students.
Several Ponca City patrons are involved in making the “Wildcat of the Week” a reality. These partners include Tina Christian, Senator Bill Coleman – TEAM Radio, Heather Cannon – Heather Cannon Honda, Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters, and Tyndall Dentistry.
Pictured: Shelley Arrott (PCPS Superintendent), Laney Reynolds (Wildcat of the Week), and Chad Keilman (PO-HI Chorale Director)
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