Ponca City Energy Survey

Ponca City Now - August 18, 2023 6:53 am

Ponca City Energy is conducting its annual customer satisfaction survey and would like their customers to provide feedback. The survey is used to help gauge customer satisfaction, as well as, the interest customers have in new programs and services like time-of-use rates or new technologies. These surveys allow the utility and its power supplier, the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority to craft programs and services around the needs and interest of their customers. All individual responses will be kept confidential. Please help by participating in the survey. Your thoughts and opinions matter.
Ponca City Energy has received notifications from a couple of OMPA member cities that some member’s employees tried to take the survey and got a response that they had already taken the survey, even though they hadn’t. This is due to the IP restrictions that OMPA asked to be put on each survey. The reason for the restriction is to keep customers from taking the survey multiple times.

If your employees try to take the survey on their phone or computer while at work, they are likely all connected to the same Wi-Fi network which will also have the same IP address. While we have no issues with employees taking the survey as long as they are electric customers of the city’s municipal utility, they will need to do so at home when they are not connected to the same Wi-Fi and IP address. We ask that you keep in mind this is a customer satisfaction survey meant to gauge electric customers’ interests in new programs and services. If an employee is NOT an electric customer of the city/town, they should NOT take the survey.

Customers can participate in the survey by going to the link:
or by scanning the QR Code:
May be an image of text that says 'TIRENIN This survey allows Ponca City Energy and its 2023 Ponca City Energy Residential Customer Survey power supplier, the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMP A) to craft programs and services around the needs and interests of the customers. Responses to survey questions can be provided online by scanning the QR code below with smart phone. All individual responses will be kept confidential.'

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