Ponca City Development Services Dept. Issues Reminder to Public Following Recent Storms

Ponca City Now - April 30, 2024 5:58 am

City of Ponca City-
In light of the storms that occurred on Saturday evening, some residents may have experienced hail damage to their roofs. The Development Services Department would like to remind the public that all individuals working as roofers and roofing contractors are required, by local and State law, to be licensed by the State and registered with the City before doing any work within the City limits.
Since 2010, the State of Oklahoma has required roofing contractors to be licensed for the purpose of protecting the public from unscrupulous contractors. Some Cities, including Ponca City, have since adopted local ordinances that require the registration of roofing contractors to backfill the enforcement of the license provision. In order to obtain a State license, the individual or entity must carry and maintain liability insurance in the minimal amount of $500,000.00 and in the case of employees, a Certificate of Insurance for Workers Compensation. They must also remain in good standing and the license can be revoked for poor performance. A list of current licensed roofing contractors is maintained by the Construction Industries Board and the list can be accessed online @ cib.ok.gov
Residents are strongly advised to verify that individuals working as roofers or roofing contractors have valid licenses. Before hiring anyone to do work:
• Ask to see a State issued license.
• Verify the Contractor is registered by the City
• Verify that a City Inspector has been contacted to inspect the work afterward.
When in doubt reach out to the Development Services Department at 580-767-0383 and verify a State license is valid or ask to speak to an Inspector. Persons who engage in the business of roofing construction within the City limits must be registered by the City and provide proof of liability insurance in the same amounts as required by the State.

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