Ponca City Christmas tree recycling

Ponca City Now - January 3, 2014 6:38 am

The Christmas tree has served its purpose and it’s now time to get rid of it.

Ponca City waste management is offering a place to drop them off until Jan. 15.

David Horinek, solid waste superintendent said everything needs to be stripped off the tree.

“If you’re dropping off your Christmas tree, you need to make sure the ornaments and electric lights, and stuff are removed from them before bringing them to the Christmas recycling area," Horinek said. "We can’t run lights or ornaments through our shredders, it binds up the blades.”

The trees will be turned into mulch.

The drop off area is across the street from the recycling center off west Prospect.

The area is unmanned, so you will be responsible for moving your tree.

The trees will be mulched and the mulch will be free.

Horinek said you have to act fast if you want some of the mulch.

“Since it’s open to the public and we have it outside the secure area, it’s open 24/7 we don’t know how many people come and get it," Horinek said. "We just know it usually disappears in about a week.”

Everyone is responsible for bringing their own containers and shovels.

Horinek said he has seen people bring large plastic bags, tubs or just shoveled it into a truck bed.

The mulch will be for gardening and landscape use.

It will be there from Jan. 16 until it’s gone.


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