Ponca City Chamber Spreading Kindness to Local Businesses

Beverly Cantrell - March 15, 2022 9:32 am

Ponca City Chamber of Commerce-

“Through our strong chamber membership, we can affect governmental outcomes on a local, regional, state, and even national level by uniting as one voice. The voice of Ponca City.” The Ponca City Chamber office is open  Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 420 East Grand or call 765-4400.

In an effort to be proactive with spreading kindness in Ponca City the Chamber will, each month, share ideas for what you can do to show kindness.

For the Month of March, they focus on showing kindness to our Ponca City Businesses.

Here are some ideas you can do to show kindness for our Ponca City businesses:

  • Leaving Positive Reviews. This is a huge help to businesses that customers often forget about.
  • Letting your Server/waitress/waiter know that they are doing a great job. The best thing about this is you can hit two birds with one stone and tell others in the community about the great service you received as well.
  • Tipping your servers. This may not be the most important way to spread Kindness, but it does definitely support local businesses.
  • Take photos of yourself or friends in that business. Posting that picture with our Kindness #Hashtag would be extremely helpful in promoting that business.
  • Checking in on Facebook. Wherever you are, restaurant, retail, etc. Checking in and notifying your friends that you love that place, support that place, or think others would love that place, would be a tremendous help in promoting that business as well.
  • Leave handwritten notes. Any hand-written note is always so well received.
  • Calling people by name. You know when you go to your favorite restaurant and they call you by name and they already know what you’re going to order? It makes you feel special. Imagine making someone else feel that special. It may feel even better.
  • Simply being Kind. Being polite to people, being patient with people, being respectful, are all ways you can be kind to someone else. The opportunities for you to be kind are endless.

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