Police Department honors civilians, officer of the year

Team Radio Marketing Group - April 20, 2017 2:30 pm

Annually the Ponca City Police Department honors a civilian of the year and a Police Officer of the Year. The nominations come from their co-workers and a committee of past recipients of the awards choose the winners.

On Wednesday evening, at a reception held in the court room of the Public Safety Center, Police Chief Don Bohon announced the winners for 2016.

Dispatchers Gail Rains and Allison Wilson were both selected to be named as Co-Civilian of the Year. They were both on duty in the Communications Center in December when a major incident occurred.

According to the nomination letter “Their body of work would certainly qualify them for recognition, but their teamwork, professionalism and calm demeanor during this incident without a doubt shows that they deserve this award as a team. From the initial call, to the radio traffic and throughout the rest of their shift they dealt with the controlled chaos and did a phenomenal job.”

Rains and Wilson each were also nominated individually. Excerpts from Rains’ nomination letter speak of how detail-oriented she is, paying attention to what the officers are doing and consistently checking on officers when they are on traffic stops or calls. She prides herself in keeping officers safe.

Rains has worked in the Communication Center for more than eight years. However, she brought with her more than 20 years of invaluable experience from dispatching in two different states. Rains has patiently worked hundreds of incidents, providing a calm and reasonable voice to callers and officers alike.

Excerpts from the nomination letter for Wilson speaks of how she treats callers with respect and does whatever she can to assist them. She has a calm and steady voice and provides assurance to those in crisis. Her consideration and caring attitude is obvious whether she is talking with citizens, police, or fire personnel. Wilson takes her responsibilities very seriously.

Officer of the Year is Corporal Nathan Loe. Loe joined the Police Department in November of 2011 and he was promoted to the rank of Corporal four years later. In one of the nomination letters Loe received, it states that he was first to arrive on the scene of a reported residential structure fire. He made contact with a male, who was exiting the home. He told Loe that he had searched a few rooms and needed to search others. Loe entered the home to search for the resident. By this time, the interior of the home was completely engulfed in smoke and heat. Loe searched as long as he could, exited, got a fresh breath of air and re-entered the burning home three different times.

The second nomination for Loe states that he has been a pleasure to work with for the past four years. Loe has great attendance and covers shifts when others take off. Loe is a positive influence to members of the shift and as a Field Training Officer for new officers. Loe is referred to as ‘the glue that holds our shift together’. Loe does what is expected of him at every call. He acts in a professional manner and treats people with respect.



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