Police Chief Offers Safety Tips for Halloween

News 6 - October 31, 2022 6:52 am

Halloween is about all things creepy, but police officers want to make sure no real scary moments take place in the community.

Antonio Porter serves as the Police Chief in Mounds and he wants to make sure kids have fun while staying safe. He recommends parents choose costumes for their kids that are easy to see out of and be seen in.

“Make sure they’re in light clothing. Don’t bring them out in dark clothing because if they’re anywhere traveling around, I pray that they are on the sidewalk, do not be walking out near the streets because the motorist might not see them and the last thing, we want to have to happen is that somebody’s child gets hit by a motorist,” Porter said.

For people driving around neighborhoods tomorrow night, Porter hopes they will stay off their phones and be alert.

“Make sure that you’re not on your cellphone,” Porter said. “Pay attention to the roadway. Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you know what’s going on. Be prepared that when you do come into these towns children will be out trick-or-treating.”

As children are on the hunt for candy, he advises parents to always stay aware of their child’s location.

“Parents, put your cellphones down. Don’t get distracted talking with your friends because I have seen too many times where parents are too busy talking amongst their friends and their child walks off somewhere. That’s your responsibility for that child, make sure you keep them safe and that you take them home alive.” Porter said.

Porter and other officers will be taking extra precautions to make sure everyone has a happy Halloween.


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