STILLWATER — Wednesday will go down in the Oklahoma State record books as a bad day. Certainly not as bad as others, but it was a day that is going to define the remainder of the 2018-19 basketball season. If the Pokes surprise everyone and finish in the middle of the pack in the Big 12, the narrative will be about how they did so with just eight scholarship players. If they struggle for the remainder of the season, it will be because they have only eight scholarship players.

“There’s been a lot of good moments in this program’s history, there’s been some not-so-good moments and this is one of the not-so-good moments. It’s one that, with the remaining [players] and the staff, we’ll be able to deal with, move on and figure out how to be the best with what we have moving forward.”

After the three players, Michael Weathers, Kentrevious Jones and Maurice Calloo were released yesterday, it was discovered that the player to coach ratio for Oklahoma State was 9 to 8. As in, there are nearly more coaches on staff than players on the roster. It may be difficult, but you can get by in a game with only nine players. But when it comes to practice, it starts to get a little difficult when you can’t field enough for a five-on-five scrimmage.

“STILLWATER – Oklahoma State head coach Mike Boynton and the Cowboy basketball team will hold walk-on tryouts tonight at 6 p.m. in Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Those interested will need to speak with Alex Hirdler of the OSU Athletic Compliance Office as soon as possible in order ensure their eligibility. Alex ([email protected]) is located in GIA office 230, or he can be reached at (405) 744-0500.

Those interested in trying out must …
• Be a full-time student at OSU
• Be within your five-year NCAA eligibility window (first enrolled in fall of 2014)
• Have proof of health insurance
• Have had a physical within the last six months
• Proof of a sickle cell test (can be done at the Student Health Center).”

So, if you’re reading this and you’re a full-time student with eligibility, health insurance, a current physical, proof of a sickle cell test and think you can hoop? Then today is your lucky day.

Although, if we’re being completely honest about the walk-on tryouts tonight, I can almost guarantee that these guys will be practice players only. But these select few guys will go down in Oklahoma State history as the few that helped save Oklahoma State basketball in 2019.