Pittsburg County Sheriff facing multiple charges | Could be removed as Sheriff in July

Mike Seals - June 10, 2024 5:50 am

A Pittsburg County sheriff whose facing felony charges could be out of a job next month.

Christopher Morris has been charged with embezzlement and bribery as well as being accused of using an ATV for his personal use.

Sheriff Christopher Morris was suspended yesterday after the Pittsburg Board of County Commissioners voted to do so.

That vote was unanimous and now the sheriff could be removed from his duties.

Pittsburg County Sheriff, Christopher Morris, was originally charged with embezzlement and bribery in a vehicle scheme.

According to the affidavit, Morris had a Polaris utility vehicle in a warranty repair. After that warranty repair in September of 2023, his odometer read 404 miles.

In January 2024, that same UTV reportedly only had 22 miles.

13 days later after he sold the vehicle the affidavit says the odometer read 280 miles.

And in February of this year, it was observed to have 695 miles.

As a result, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation calls it clear forgery.

District Attorney, Jack Thorp, told me over the phone that the original case has now been amended.

Sheriff Morris was arraigned yesterday and suspended with pay.

But more charges have been added.

He now has two charges of bribery.

One which the DA believes to be probable cause that did not involve an ATV but did involve a body shop.

I reached out to Morris and his attorney but have yet to hear back.

But Morris did post on Facebook.

“This has only been a one-sided story and we have not got to tell our side. I have done nothing wrong and it’s now time, more than ever to campaign hard,” said Pittsburgh County sheriff, Chris Moore.

The sheriff has pleaded not guilty.

I also spoke with the Pittsburgh Board of County Commissioners.

Because according to the affidavit, they filed an for the removal of the sheriff and suspension.

One is already in the process.

“It wasn’t our call to say he’s guilty or innocent. We were just handed the stack of evidence. Being keepers of the county that’s what our job was to move it on and have it looked at. Whatever it took to get to the bottom of it. And if he’s innocent then that’s fine everybody needs to leave him alone. And if he’s not then the court will decide that.,” said Pittsburg county commissioner, Ross Selman.

According to DA Thorp, a decision on the sheriff’s removal is scheduled for July 22nd.

The 2 counts of bribery and embezzlement are all separate cases and the preliminary hearing is scheduled in August.

Morris faces felony charges in two of the cases.

OSBI assisted throughout this process after District 18’s district attorney, Chuck Sullivan, recused it because it involved someone who works for the state and then it was sent to the attorney general.

Earlier today, the conflict prosecutor of the case gave me a statement on all of Morris’ cases.

“At this point, the sheriff is presumed innocent. We intend to handle this matter before a court of law,” said Wagoner District Attorney, Jack Thorp.

DA thorp also noted that it is not normal to remove a state officer, but the process is standard for anyone under these circumstances.


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