Pittman’s Legislation may Boost Oklahoma’s Economy

Mike Seals - June 23, 2021 11:27 pm

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma businesses are set to have more freedom in how they serve their customers once House Bill 2726 goes into effect July 1.

HB 2726, authored by Rep. Ajay Pittman, D-OKC, introduces language into the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act that would allow Oklahoma small businesses to offer bottle service to their customers.

“This legislation will have a positive economic impact for Oklahoma, in our major metro areas especially the businesses in Bricktown, Chisholm Creek, Norman, Stillwater, Tulsa, and Lawton,” Pittman said. “Our business owners can use all the help they can get, after having a really hard year in sales and service. I’m grateful that we were able to get this done.”

HB2726 is the first piece of legislation Pittman had signed into law this year. Pittman says that she is pleased with the bipartisanship work that was accomplished to get this bill passed.

“When I ran for office, economic development for Oklahoma and my district were at the top of my priorities,” Pittman said. “I am going to continue the fight to empower our community to grow in a way that helps business owners and their employees be competitive.”

“Bottle service is becoming more popular in other states especially with younger people.   To remain competitive, I was eager to help pass legislation allowing bottle service in Oklahoma.  Our hospitality industry needs every tool in the box to help recover from the pandemic.” Sen. Bill Coleman, R-Ponca City

“Oklahoma has developed tremendously in so many ways. The addition of bottle service will be another step in the right direction. Not only economically, but for bar, restaurants, and nightlife in general.” Jeff Rogers, Rogers Concepts, Owner

“Bottle service provides an exciting new opportunity- not just for those who enjoy the nightlife but for local businesses as well, who will now have another way to engage their customers. It’s a win-win especially in a vibrant, college town like Norman.” Rep. Merleyn Bell, D-Norman

According to Pittman, healthcare and safety precautions were also considered in this process as Oklahomans began to reopen and recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic. This legislation adds another layer of protection to our hospitality Industry, by keeping them from making additional trips to their tables as patrons are eating unmasked and our numbers begin to stabilize.

“Governor Stitt said his goal is to ensure that Oklahoma becomes a top ten state,” Pittman said. “He took a bold step to help our economy.”

State Rep. Ajay Pittman’s office can be reached at (405)557-7393 or [email protected].


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