Ponca City Now - March 27, 2020 9:35 pm

March 27, 2020 7:00 PM

  •   Cat Care Afterschool Care Program: We are going to issue refunds for any Cat Care payments we have already received for the entire month of March, April, and May. Refunds will be mailed on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Employee deductions for Cat Care have been removed.
  •   Child Nutrition Balances: We will process Child Nutrition meal balances back to families. Contact our Child Nutrition Department @ 580-718-3992 and leave a message to request a refund. If not, balances will carry-over to the next school year. Our CNP workers will have access to messages after they finish serving Grab-and-Go Meals for the Day.
  •   Spring Pictures: Please contact Lifetouch Customer Care Line @ 1-800-736-4753 for a refund. If you do not call and request a refund, the pictures will be sent to the District Administration Office. We will release those pictures when we have the clearance to do so. We do not have a time frame as to when spring pictures will be sent to us or when we can distribute to parents.

Driver’s License Examiner Documentation: Please call 580-767-8000 if needed. Special arrangements will be made for non-contact collection.

Ponca City High School Transcript Requests: If a Ponca City High School Transcript is needed, please email Beatriz Wynn, Po-Hi Registrar at [email protected]. Please understand requests may not be immediate. We will email documentation if possible or arrange for non-contact delivery.

Continuous Learning: Teachers are working hard at home to develop Continuous Learning Schedules. There will be options for online learning OR activities which do not require a device, such as a computer or laptop. Students DO NOT have to have a device or Internet to participate. Through the remainder of the year, we want our students to continue using thinking skills and problem-solving strategies. A press release with details will be provided to the public on April 2, 2020. A teacher will communicate with each child or parent at least once per week to continue a positive relationship with each student and family. If parents/guardian have changed their email and or phone number since summer registration, email the updated information to the school principal.

Parents, I know many of you are very worried about the Continuous Learning approach. Try not to worry; we will be available to support you and your child. Keep in mind, we are focusing on the health of our community first and foremost. Continuous Learning activities will be real-world activities students can use to keep them engaged with thinking and learning. Rest assured students will not be penalized, as far as grades are concerned, due to this global pandemic. The highest priority is to keep our students, parents, staff, and community safe. With confirmed COVID-19 cases on the rise in Kay County, please follow all safety precautions. #staysafe #poncacitywildcats

Shelley Arrott
Superintendent, Ponca City Public Schools


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