PCPS Announces New Guidelines for General Athletics, Fine Arts and Activities

Mike Seals - August 23, 2020 11:22 pm

The Ponca City Public School District has released new guidelines and information concerning General Athletics, Fine Arts, and Activities along with Football Game Management. Below are the guidelines specific to Athletics, Fine Arts and Activities.

Ponca City Athletics, Fine Arts, and Activities Guidelines

Dear Student-Athletes, Coaches, Staff, Officials, Administrators, Parents, and Patrons,

Welcome to our facilities. As we navigate through these uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like you to know that the health and safety of all student-athletes, coaches, staff, officials, administrators, students, parents, and patrons are our top priorities. We strongly recommend our patrons who have preexisting health conditions to follow Ponca City Public Schools livestreaming options. In addition, if you have any possible symptoms COVID-19 it is the individual’s responsibility to refrain from attending our events.

The following are our event guidelines:

  1. Mask or face coverings are required for all participants, coaches, workers, officials, patrons or anyone entering a Ponca City Public Schools Indoor Facilities. Refusal to wear a mask or face covering will prevent admittance into the facility.
  2. Indoors: Ponca City Public Schools Safety Protocols for all individuals to wear a face covering.
  3. Outdoors: Spectators may remove face coverings in locations that have adequate space and that will allow for social distancing.
  4. Participants, officials and coaches may remove their masks when they reach their respective playing field or court (ex: volleyball: on the court, softball: inside the playing field fence). When in close contact with others, masks will be worn by officials and coaches.
  5. All non-participants will be required to wear face coverings at all times and maintain social distance when possible.
  6. Ponca City Public Schools ticket takers and sellers will be masked and gloved. We encourage all Ponca City students, parents, and patrons to purchase tickets and passes online when available.
  7. At this time, we will recommend no pre-game or post-game hand shaking, high-fives, or fist bumps between opposing teams to reduce contact as much as possible. Please refrain from entering student area before, during, or after the game. (Example: Bandstands at FB; Staging Area at Concert Hall)
  8. At some of our venues, there will be seating areas marked off as unavailable Due to social distancing protocols seating in some facilities may be limited . Please refrain from sitting in these areas to help us keep our student-athletes, coaches, officials, and fans as safe as possible.
  9. For participants, officials and coaches, no shared towels, clothing, shoes, or water bottles.
  10. For shared equipment such as bats, helmets, catchers gear, music stands, chairs, etc., sanitation should occur in between use when possible.
  11. Locker rooms will be accessible to teams but we highly recommend, for both home and visiting teams and officials, to come dressed and ready to participate for the event. Masks will be required in locker rooms, athletic training rooms, and coaches’ offices and any area considered outside of the playing field or court.
  12. Only necessary/approved personnel will be allowed in the press box, technology booth, and at scorer’s tables.
  13. When trading team benches, such as in between volleyball sets, chairs will be sanitized.
  14. When traveling to and from away events in school vehicles, all Ponca City coaches, student-athletes, and participants will be required to wear face coverings.
  15. Spectators are required to wear a mask in common areas where social distancing is not possible. (Restrooms, Concession Stands, and Common Areas) (See photo, below_

Thank you for your cooperation. If there are questions or concerns before coming to our facilities, please contact our Athletic/Activities Department 580-767-8075.


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