PC Board of Commissioners Hold Regular Session 9 February

Mike Seals - February 9, 2021 10:26 pm



The Ponca City Board of Commissioners met in regular session on February 8, 2021. Mayor Homer Nicholson called the meeting to order, which was followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Ceremonies and Proclamations

Under the Ceremonies and Proclamations section of the agenda, the character trait for February, Honesty, was introduced.

Next, the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce presented the 2020 Gary Martin Outstanding City Employee of the Year award to Steve Miner. Steve Miner began working for the City of Ponca City in the Parks Department in 1986.  In 1989, Miner became the supervisor of Animal Control.  Police Chief Don Bohon nominated Miner for the award and stated, “Steve is always willing to help the Police Officers when they are dealing with a situation that involves animals and manages a very tough department. Dealing with people and their pets can be an emotionally charged duty, and he is always calm and steady, while doing what is required of him. He shows up every day, works hard, and is as steady and loyal as they come. He is an excellent employee, and an asset to the City of Ponca City.”


Under the consent agenda, the City Commission voted to approve the minutes of the January 25 regular session and the February 1 work session, as well as a resolution appropriating money for the payment of claims.


Under the reports section of the agenda, City Manager Craig Stephenson reported that the State Legislature is taking up the possibility of allowing for virtual meetings until February 15, 2022 or until the Governor declares that this medial emergency has ended, whichever comes first. The Senate has passed an emergency bill that mirrors the one from last session. The House should take action on it early this week and then it will be sent to the Governor’s Desk for signature. The Legislature is also working on a more permanent and detailed bill that would provide for virtual meetings when the Governor declares a medical emergency in the future.

Stephenson also reported that Solid Waste trucks experienced difficulty picking up residential trash on certain routes due to ice. Therefore, residential trash that was not picked up on Monday will be picked up on Thursday.

He reminded citizens to vote in the City Commission election for Seat #4 on Tuesday, February 9.

And, he noted that the City Commission work session scheduled for Monday, February 15 will provide an update on the budget process and discuss a potential building site for Ponca City’s Habitat for Humanity.

Stephenson concluded his report with a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the new Northern Oklahoma Regional Animal Care Facility.


New Business

Under New Business, the City Commissioners voted to approve a resolution approving the incurrence of indebtedness by the Ponca City Utility Authority issuing a Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2021A at an interest rate of 1.67% for a ten-year term for $12,000,000.00. This financing will enable Ponca City Broadband to finalize the engineering design and order fiber for Phases 4 and 5.

The City Commissioners also voted to approve a resolution approving the incurrence of indebtedness by the Ponca City Utility Authority issuing a Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2021B at an interest rate of 0.99% for aggregate principal amount of $6,550,000.00 for the purpose of providing funds to refinance the outstanding amount of its Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2012A.

It was used for the Honeywell efficiencies project, which installed new water and electric meters, new street lighting, and some HVAC projects. The original principal amount of $16,090,000.00, with an interest rate of 2.7%, was scheduled to be paid in full in August of 2025 and that date remains the same with the refinancing.




Under PCUA (Ponca City Utility Authority), the trustees voted to approve the Consent Agenda, which included the minutes of the January 25 regular session, a resolution appropriating money for the payment of claims, and a resolution amending the operating budget of various PCUA funds for Fiscal Year 2020-21, as well as septic hauler use permits and DEQ consent forms for Cary’s Septic LLC and United Rentals dba Reliable Onsite Services for calendar year 2021.

New Business

Under new business, the trustees approved both companion items related to issuing Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2021 and Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2021B.

The trustees also approved a construction contract with Urban Contractors, Inc for the Second Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project in the amount of $461,072.00. This project will replace 1,525 linear feet of 8-inch sewer replacement in the alley east of Second Street, from Liberty Avenue to Overbrook Avenue. This section of collector line is showing signs of aging and needs to be replaced to alleviate any possibility of unpermitted discharges. Bids were opened for this project on January 14, 2021. Two bids were received with prices being $461,072.00 and $836,717.00. Both of these prices are significantly higher than the funds allocated for the construction phase of this project.

City staff along with the Cabbiness Engineering, LLC reviewed the bid packets and analyzed the situation. It is believed that the higher construction cost is the result of two factors: the ongoing pandemic and the complexity of the construction task, which requires the contractor to install pipe at an excessive depth of 22 feet in a 20-ft wide alley. Additionally, the phone and gas lines in proximity makes the task even more challenging. After careful consideration, City staff recommends that the construction contract be awarded to the most responsible bidder Urban Contractors, Inc. It is also recommended that additional $170,000.00 be appropriated from the Wastewater Fund to support the project.

The trustees also approved a construction contract with Nowak Construction Co. for the North Sixth Street Water Main Replacement Project in the amount of $441,180.60. This project will replace 2,051 feet of 14” and 16” failing water main along North 6th Street, from Hartford Avenue going south to Brookfield Avenue.

This section of water main has suffered several breaks over the past several months and needs to be replaced to improve its structural integrity and ensure high quality of services to the customers. Four bids were received, and the most responsible bidder was Nowak Construction Co for $441,180.60. The permanent pavement items of $100,198.00 will be funded by Street Sales Tax, with the remaining funded from the Water System Improvements.



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