Pauls Valley Non-Profit Launches Fundraiser to Clear Student Lunch Debt in Pauls Valley Public Schools

KOKH - August 11, 2023 6:33 am

With the school year just around the corner, a local non-profit has created a fundraiser to help pay off past due student lunch account balances in Pauls Valley Public Schools.

The non-profit, We Feed PV has one goal, to feed the community.

When they found out that students at Pauls Valley Public Schools gave over $6,000 worth of debt from school lunch balances, they knew they had to do something to help,

“I did get word that we had $6,500 worth of passed due lunch accounts and our school district in Pauls Valley,” said We Feed PV Founder, Zac Davis, “So I got the idea to set up a GoFundMe to see if we could raise that money to pay off school lunch debt, that’s just another way that we could feed our community.”

With school starting this week, the group hopes this will take stress off of some Pauls Valley PS parents,

“I know there’s a lot of struggles, especially with school supplies, clothing, school lunches, and this is just a little way that we could give back to try and lessen that burden of starting a new school year,” Davis said, “I think starting the school year, not having that balance is going to help a lot of families.”

We Feed PV wants the fundraiser to bring awareness to school lunch balance debt,

“A lot of people just assume that everybody got free or reduced lunches, but you’ve got to take in context of families that you know just fall on hard times,” said Davis, “So hopefully this will turn eyes to all school districts that are having this this problem, because I’m sure we’re not the only one.”

Zac Davis says he founded the group We Feed PV about a month ago, and has already had over 500 people join, and want to help,

“This is all brand new to us, we feed PV, It’s just a nonprofit small group in this community and just to feed homeless, needy, anybody that really needs free meals,” he said.

To donate to the GoFundMe page to help pay off the past due student lunch accounts, click here.

To learn more about We Feed PV, click here.


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