Outstanding warrants in Ponca City

Ponca City Now - December 5, 2013 6:21 am

The Ponca City Police Department’s warrant officer, Sgt. Jerry Hall, has released this list of individuals who have some of the most recently issued outstanding, local warrants along with the amounts they owe.

Some of these names may have been listed before, but warrants have not been taken care of.

As of the date of this press release the warrants remain outstanding.

If you know the whereabouts of a person who has an active warrant, you can call the Ponca City Area Crime Stoppers line at (580)762-5100, or access the Crime Stoppers web submission form on the city web site.

You will remain anonymous and may receive a reward.

The warrant listing is updated each work day on the City’s website.

Go to Departments / Municipal Court / Outstanding Warrants.

You will find an alphabetical listing of names.

Those listed may have more than one active warrant.

This list is updated each work day; so any previous link will not show updated information.

A reminder, this program is for Municipal Warrants only .

Margaret Chavez $25, Nichole Vantrease $25; James Hernandez $25; Christina Jones $39; Dakota Feaster $44; Ashley Hooper $69; Kayleigh Roughface $79; Dennis King $89; Marko Standsblack $89; Benjamin Welch $104; John Blair $104; Sarah Dale $124; Jaylenee Marie Longoria $125; Autumn Reynolds $129; Robert Cooper $134; Melvina Collins $139; Lea Hernandez $149; Ronnie Anson Jr. $154; Tori Allie $154; Macias Luis-Gerardo $154; Juan Cristobal $154; Lance Eagle $154; Michael Carter $174; Scott Castlebury $178; Brandon Burdick $182 and Lakota Boice $189.

Christopher Delmar $189; John Cook Jr. $189; Wesley Green $201; Tressie Pritchard $204; Richard Boomershine $206; Lamont Smith $239; Craig Jones $239; Drey Aguilar $249; Richard Hartman $249; Joseph Conner $249.51; Mistie Dupreez $253; Candace Booth $254; Deyon Arkeketa $254; Kalicen Frazier $254; Paula Buraczenski $254; Jordan Elston $259; Justin Jenkins $254; Stephen Atkinson $254; Robert Bishop $254; Michael Preston $254; Hector Barrera $274; Cody Steele $294; Keyanna Young $299 and Chastity Warledo $353.

Jonathan Warrior $354; Lacey Robbins 354; Jessica Reed $354; Lawrence Reid $355; Leanna Blair $359; Alma Mendoza $403; Vivian Paez $403; Sparks Leighty $444; Randall Fawcett $450; Eugene Phillips $458; Maceo Molina $476; Joshua Vannoy $479; Michael Gober $503; Maretha Brown $519; Jordan McCullough $521; Christopher Kienzle $539; Tessa Wagner $544; Bonnie Huff $551; Shelley Costello $553; Christa Hughes $553; Tiffany Williams $554; John Harrison $559; Darrell Steely $568; and Stanley Renfrow $573.

Leonard LeClair $589; Charles Waters $594; Brandon Cords $638; Shannon McDaniel $653; Franklin Adkins $703; Bobby Joe Rhodd $708; Albert Zotigh $714; Deshane Sweeney $789; Justin Snider $793; Cptreras Prtoz $804; Rpbert Kiker $808; Sandy Vasquez $873; Paul Roughface $879; Ronald Youmans $908; Alan Delodge $1101; Leavi Crouch Jr $1195; Derrick Yahola $1203; Marcos Amador $1238; Charles Bruton #1262; Levi Martinez $1265; Cristina Aguilar $1287; Amie Sumber $1439; James Bullington $1502; Derrick Yahola $1736.

Those listed above and on the City’s website have the opportunity to contact Hall Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at (580)763-0579 to make an appointment along with payment arrangements.

Once Hall is contacted the warrant is not active, however; if a time is set to meet with Hall and is missed, the warrant is reactivated.


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