OSBI Investigating Tillman County Office-involved shooting

Mike Seals - March 21, 2021 10:38 pm


TILLMAN, Okla. – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Davidson, Okla., Tillman County this afternoon.

Based on the OSBI’s initial investigation, this is what is known at this time:

• The Tillman County Sheriff’s Office was investigating an incident that occurred the previous day. Deputies went to the 200 block of West Grand in Davidson to speak with a resident about the investigation they were conducting.

• Before deputies could ring the doorbell, gunfire came from inside the house.

• Deputies returned fire and sought cover from the gunfire.

• Gunfire continued to be exchanged between the suspect inside and the deputies outside.

• Tillman County requested backup from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) during the active shooter. OHP’s Tactical Team and the Frederick Police Department also responded.

• As the backup law enforcement agencies were getting their positions established, the suspect, 63-year-old Ken Fillmore, came out the front door of the residence carrying a rifle. He placed the rifle on the ground and was immediately taken into custody.

• Fillmore was transported to the Tillman County Jail.

• A member of the Tillman County Sheriff’s Office received minor injuries during the shooting. There were no other injuries.

There is no additional information to be released at this time.

** This update is based on an active and ongoing investigation. The OSBI’s initial understanding of the facts and circumstances may evolve over the course of the investigation as witnesses are interviewed and evidence is collected and analyzed. Upon completion of the OSBI investigation, agents will submit a report summarizing their investigation to the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney will determine whether or not to file charges.


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