OMES Receives OG&E Rebate for Energy-Efficient Lighting Project

Ponca City Now - February 27, 2024 6:26 am

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is proud to have received a $42,000 rebate check from Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (OG&E) last month for completing a lighting retrofit project for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. At the ODOT facility, OMES Facilities Management replaced aging fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs, resulting in energy and cost savings for the state. By routinely assessing maintenance needs and opting for the most energy-efficient products, OMES is helping modernize state buildings, reduce the state’s utility consumption and save taxpayer dollars.

The lighting retrofit project at ODOT saves 131,364 kilowatt hours over the course of a year and reduces the state’s electrical demand by 50 kilowatts annually. This translates to saving $8,000 in annual electric costs. Swapping 25- to 32-watt fluorescent light bulbs with 8.9-watt LED plug-and-play bulbs not only contributes to sustainability but also aligns with the OFM team’s dedication to responsible resource management.

“We are thrilled to have completed this project for our partners at ODOT and to have received acknowledgment from OG&E,” said Nathan Wald, administrator of the OMES Capital Assets Management division, which houses the Facilities Management team. “This achievement underscores our agency’s commitment to excellent customer service, energy efficiency and smart financial decisions for the good of our state.”

Facilities Management maintains all the state-owned buildings on the Capitol Campus, including the State Capitol, Governor’s Mansion and agency offices. Tasked with balancing high standards of operations with cost- and energy-efficient strategies, the team aims to provide comfortable and safe working environments for state employees and the citizens they serve while getting the best value for Oklahoma. One way they reach that goal is by participating in OG&E’s Government Energy Efficiency Program, which rewards public entities that consume energy responsibly.

“Controlling utility usage is one of our most challenging goals, as it directly impacts our ability to make additional improvements to buildings as costs continue to rise,” said David John, director of Facilities Management. “We are in the process of changing out lighting in all Facilities Management-maintained buildings as we continue our efforts to use taxpayer money in the most effective way possible.”

John and his team accepted the rebate check on Jan. 12 at OG&E’s inaugural Big Check Presentation Ceremony.

To learn more about Facilities Management’s work for the State of Oklahoma, visit the OMES website.

Facility Management team members holding rebate check from OG&E in front of the Dept. of Transportation building.

Facilities Management team members stand holding rebate check from OG&E in front of the Department of Transportation building.


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