Okmulgee Business Owners Mixed on Impact as Sarah’s Oil Films in Town

KTUL - July 10, 2024 6:03 am

Okmulgee business owners mixed on impact as Sarah's Oil films in town.(KTUL)

The big screen has its sights set on Okmulgee…

But instead of excitement.. some business owners in Okmulgee have a bit of apprehension.

The movie is called Sarah’s Oil.

Some residents NewsChannel 8 spoke with agree that this production coming to Okmulgee will bring excitement to a community that has become sleepier than it used to be.

One business owner, however, says that with it being the first day of filming, it’s too soon to gauge whether this will help or hinder her business.

“I am happy about it. slightly worried, you know, how the next three weeks are going to go,” said Laci Slate, the Owner of Laci’s Nutrition Shoppe.

Slate took to social media, giving directions to her store, saying that a film set is completely blocking her shop.

“I have a lot of great customers and I know if they need something, they’ll reach out to me,” said Slate.

Slate says she’s not worried about losing her regular customers, but potential customers who aren’t as familiar with the spot.

“I may not get those random people coming in,” said Slate.

On the other hand, she says some crew members have come in and made purchases.

“Maybe with this, I might get more, you know, more exposure,” said Slate.

Tashina Gilley, another Okmulgee resident says the exposure this production is bringing to Okmulgee is a good thing.

“It just brings in people that’s never seen our community before,” said Gilley.

She says it helps with their businesses as well.

“I work here at Kirby’s Cafe behind you. We’ve actually seen an uptick in our business,” said Gilley.

Stevie Perry who works at a clothing store in Okmulgee says the film production is going to build the economy.

“It will bring more business to Okmulgee,” said Stevie Perry, Okmulgee resident.

I asked the producer of Sarah’s Oil for an interview but got kicked off the film set.

The Oklahoma Film and Music Office says they don’t have final impact data for Sarah’s oil yet, because their production is still in progress, however, Reservation Dogs which was filmed in Okmulgee spent $40 million in Oklahoma and had 1,871 direct hires.

Slate tells me that the crew has offered to compensate her for any loss caused by filming.


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