Oklahoma Woman Arrested at Sheriffs Office on Suspicion of Stealing $4,000 Worth of Wallets

News 9 - December 21, 2022 7:28 am


An Oklahoma woman was arrested after she allegedly stole a pair of wallets worth $4,000.

Elizabeth Wells took wallets and tried to sell them on the Facebook Marketplace, according to the incident report.

She found a buyer, but that person was a friend of the woman she stole the wallets from.

Wells thought the morning of Dec. 17 would be the time she’d make a sale. She picked what she thought would be the safest location to do it.

“I didn’t want to be in a bad place for someone to do something to me,” Wells said to officers in a bodycam video the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released Monday.

Deputy Aaron Brilbeck said Wells brought these stolen wallets to the Midwest City Sheriff’s Office substation to try and sell them.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office got a tip from the woman Wells stole the wallets from a few days earlier.

A friend of the victim agreed to meet Wells to try to buy them back.

On Saturday morning, the police asked their questions, and they got their answers.

The bodycam video showed one officer asking Wells if she took the wallets, and Wells admits to taking them.

“Our deputies were waiting for her and immediately charged her,” Brilbeck said.

Officers discovered Wells had more than stolen wallets. She had a gun in her possession. Something people can’t have inside a police station — especially while allegedly trying to sell stolen property.

“Surprisingly she has no criminal history,” Brilbeck said.

Wells now could face several charges including grand larceny and bringing a gun into a police station — all over a pair of wallets.


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