Oklahoma U.S. Senator visits Ponca City

Ponca City Now - December 16, 2013 6:21 am

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe was in Ponca City and visited our studios on Friday.

His main focus has been the National Defense Authorization Act.

Inhofe is one of four authors who worked on this bill, which has already been passed in the house and will hit the senate floor on Wednesday.

“I am going to mention just three things about the Defense Authorization bill," Inhofe said. "If we don’t do it we are letting Obama make all the decisions on what to do with our defense dollars.One thing for example that’s Guantanamo bay, the president has been trying to close that and send those terrorist into America for five years now, and this prohibits him from doing that. Sexual assault has become a big issue, we address that in the bill, it won’t be addressed otherwise. Right now we have reenlistment bonuses for our troops who are over in harms way, on Dec. 31 they will expire. In other words they have been told they would have bonuses if they reenlist and they won’t have them.”

Inhofe said Obama is going down as the most anti-military and anti-defense president.

Along with that, Inhofe explained how the budget bill affects military retirements and said it was outside the limits that they agreed to spend.

He said he will probably be voting no when that bill is on the senate floor today and tomorrow.

He also disagreed with the first budget Obama’s administration had.

“They got the budget so we cannot train our people," Inhofe said. "The technical word is readiness,the readiness of our troops. You can have 100,000 troops out there defending America who are not properly trained and they don’t do it. So, you have to train them properly and that’s what cost money. We have to make sure they have humvees, the right equipment, they have bullets for their guns, they have facilities for their families and all of these things is a part of our defense system, and that’s why the military has been destroyed for the first time in the history of America.”

Inhofe said in Obama’s five years as president he has disarmed America by decreasing the budget by $487 billion.


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