Oklahoma Students Could Take ACT Test For Free Through BOGO Deal

KOKH - November 16, 2023 6:28 am

A special offer for the ACT offers high school students the option to take more tests for less money and possibly get a higher overall score.

The ACT helps student get into college and qualify for scholarships but the test has increased in price, making a barrier for some families.

The test costs Oklahoma students more than $60 to take depending on the testing location. Less than a decade ago the test was less than $30 to take.

The ACT is offering a ‘twofer’ deal to allow students to pay for and take the December test, but test next spring for free.

Teri Walls and Pamela Riley started Master the Test, an SAT and ACT tutoring business in Edmond ten years ago. They said they’ve never seen an offer like this before and students could capitalize on it.

Riley said the move by ACT may be caused by lower turnout for tests as some universities don’t require it for admission anymore.

“We couldn’t keep all the people that wanted to test at our school,” said Riley who also teaches at an Edmond high school. “We used our freshman academy and every single classroom was filled, first floor, second floor, all of them. Then this past test, we only used the classrooms on the bottom floor.”

The ACT can still determine scholarships though.

Walls said the more a student takes the test, the more prepared they’ll be. She said the test is predictive and students are helping themselves.

“Taking a fall test and a spring test and then possibly a summer test, I mean, that’s probably the smartest play for kids really wanting to maximize their potential on the ACT,” Walls said.

Students can also get an ACT super score by taking it multiple times. The super score takes the top subject score across multiple tests for a combined top score.

OU and OSU accept ACT super scores for admissions and some scholarships. That could help a student get into school and pay for classes.

“Keep taking that test and try to chase that higher super score to get to get a lot of money off your tuition,” Riley said.

The twofer deal ends Friday, November 17.

Students who qualify for reduced lunches or are experiencing extenuating circumstances can qualify for test waivers. According to ACT, the Fee Waiver Program covers the cost of four tests for the student. They also gain access to learning resources, score reports and their college application fees could also get waived.


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