Oklahoma ranks 2nd in nation for largest jump in COVID cases

Mike Seals - June 24, 2021 10:54 am

Oklahoma health experts say if COVID-19 case numbers are due to the rising Delta variant, there’s potential we could be in a new “COVID wave” heading into the school year.

The Oklahoma State Medical Association says this is very concerning because unvaccinated Oklahomans are at risk of getting the potentially deadlier strain.

Dr. Mary Clarke, the president of OSMA, says the next big push is to try to expand access even further including getting the vaccine into more doctors’ clinics.

“The first 50% was easy, people with access who had the desire, and now, we are dealing with the other 50%, and sometimes, just getting it to them is the hardest part,” said Dr. Clarke.

Right now, Oklahoma ranks second in the nation for the largest increase in cases by nearly a third in the last week.

Oklahoma is currently ranking last in the nation when it comes to testing for the Delta variant.

Click here for more information on COVID-19 in Oklahoma from the OSDH.


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