Oklahoma Lawmaker demands probe into ‘ghost employee’ raking in six figures at OSDE

KOKH - June 10, 2024 5:48 am

Republican lawmakers, spearheaded by Rep. Mark McBride, sent a letter to the Attorney General asking for an investigation into an employee at the State Department of Education.

McBride and others had previously subpoenaed the State Supt. for information on Matt Langston, OSDE’s Chief Policy Advisor.

But Rep. McBride said he wasn’t satisfied with the response from the Department, so he’s calling on the AG to get answers.

“We’re asking for actual proof that Matt Langston is an employee and not a ghost employee,” Rep. McBride said.

A “ghost employee” is someone McBride classifies as being on payroll but doesn’t perform the duties associated with the position.

While the Dept. of Education claims Langston is a “part-time” employee, he averages around 180 hours a month, more than many full-time employees get paid for.

“They say he’s part-time, he’s drawn six figures and he’s got full benefits. Man every person in Oklahoma would like to have that job. I would like to have that job,” Rep. McBride said.

While McBride and other Republican lawmakers have asked for Langston’s contract in a previous subpoena, OSDE said he’s not a contractor and doesn’t have one.

“I mean it is what the record shows there. What we’ve seen is we’ve got staff that are employed in different type of statuses and that’s always been the one that’s made the most sense with him,” State Supt. Ryan Walters said.

Regardless, McBride wants to AG to look into Langston’s specific duties and responsibilities, for a job our tax dollars are paying for.

“I’m just doing my job. I’m doing what I was elected to do, to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent the right way,” Rep. McBride said.

The AG’s Office told FOX25 they have received and are reviewing the request for an investigation of Matt Langston.


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