Oklahoma Delegation Reacts To President Biden’s State Of The Union

Beverly Cantrell - March 2, 2022 9:57 am

President Joe Biden


The Oklahoma delegation in Washington is reacting after President Biden’s State of the Union.

Many of them have opinions about Biden opening his speech on Ukraine.

Some were pleased that the issue united both parties, while others wish the President would do more to condemn Russia.

Republican Representative Tom Cole says he’s encouraged by Biden’s commitment for additional aid to Ukraine.

However, he also wishes Biden would take the opportunity to make America energy independent.

Outgoing Republican Senator Jim Inhofe believes the Biden administration wasn’t ready for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying in part,

“We can no longer afford to drag our feet in acting to support Ukraine. “

Republican Senator James Lankford went to social media Tuesday night, where he said he’s encouraged by the President starting his speech on Ukraine, but also pushing for the US to become more energy independent.

“What we really need to do and what he wouldn’t talk about tonight is actually put pressure on Russia by increasing Oklahoma and American oil and gas production to be able to send to Europe. You want to be able to hurt Russia long-term, you’ve got to be able to cut off their customers,” he said.

On Ukraine, Republican Representative Frank Lucas says he’s sincerely rooting for President Biden’s and Congress’ success. However, he believes the issue does not stop with Ukraine and that America needs to scale up its investment in basic research, science and innovation.

Republican Congressman Kevin Hern was critical of the President’s speech, especially regarding Europe’s energy needs and Russian imports.

“He talked about how he was going to sure up Europe’s energy needs so they wouldn’t depend on Russia. All while he’s forgetting we are importing 600 thousand barrels a day in the US. And sending a check to Russia for $60 million a day,” said Hern.

On the domestic side, nearly all of Oklahoma’s lawmakers were critical of the President, especially regarding inflation. Blaming the rise in prices on the American Rescue Plan, which was the nearly $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package the President signed into law last year.


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