Oklahoma City Police Arrest Man Accused Of Dispensary Robbery

Beverly Cantrell - October 25, 2021 9:18 pm


An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after being accused of robbing a dispensary on the northwest side.

Police said he held one of the employees at gunpoint.

David Ament told News 9 one of his employees was working Friday evening when a man barged through the front door with a gun demanding money. He said that’s the second time that same suspect has targeted their store.

“He asked the employee to open the safe. The employee actually tried to run away,” said Ament. “He grabbed her, (and) assaulted her.”

The man demanded all the cash and marijuana from the business and took as much as he could fit in his bag. He eventually left and that’s when Ament got a phone call from the employee.

“Frantic, just frantic,” said Ament. “(She said) ‘hey, we’ve been robbed; I’ve been assaulted and come quick; you need to come talk to the police.'”

Officers got to the store and began tracking down the suspect who was identified as Jarmal Burris. According to a police report, they found his vehicle parked at an apartment complex.

“They set up on his vehicle, waited for him to come out,” said Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight. “Once he did, the closed in, tried to make an arrest, he fled.”

Reports said Air One joined the search for Burris. Eventually, he pulled into an apartment complex near NE 13th and Midwest Boulevard.

“He jumped out of his car, fled on foot,” said Knight. “Ultimately, he was taken into custody without incident.”

Burris was booked into the Oklahoma County jail. Ament said Burris came in for a job interview last week, and the day before the robbery, had come in and assaulted another employee.

“What was really scary is that second day he came back,” said Ament. “Never would have expected that. Never.”

Neither employee was severely hurt during the incidents.

Oklahoma City Police Arrest Man Accused Of Dispensary Robbery


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