Oklahoma Bill Aims to Implement Life-Saving Cardiac Plans in Schools

KOKH - April 16, 2024 5:59 am

Heart disease is the leading cause of death according to the American Heart Association, which in an emergency situation state lawmakers are looking to prevent.

When a student athlete has a cardiac emergency on a field or court, a matter of seconds could determine life or death.

In those few seconds, Senator Paul Rosino wants to ensure all public schools have a plan.

“We all watched it live on tv. We watched somebody who basically died on the football field, and without this kind of treatment would not be here today,” Sen. Rosino said.

Many football fans witnessed Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin’s heart stop on the field in the middle of an NFL game.

But thankfully Bills trainer and OSU alum, Denny Kellington, was also on that field.

“I am one of the ones that performed CPR on Damar Hamlin on Jan 2nd, 2023,” Kellington confirmed.

A plan like Kellington and his team had is something Senator Rosino is requiring schools to mimic in his SB1921.

“What the schools have to do is they have to have some kind of action plan in place which includes AED’s to insure student safety if there were to be a heart attack,” he said.

The bill requires public schools to create a sudden cardiac emergency response plan. That includes a team for each school site, periodic drills, coordination with local emergency medical service providers, and AED’s on hand.

School nurses, coaches or teachers will have to complete cardiac arrest training as well.

Senator Rosino said he has not faced any pushback for his bill from the legislature.


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