Okla. Schools Getting $1.5 Billion From Federal Stimulus Package

Mike Seals - March 19, 2021 12:05 pm

By: Jordan Dafnis

(News9) – The $1.9 trillion stimulus package has been approved and Oklahoma Public schools are going to receive a good chunk of change.

Districts statewide will split around $1.5 billion. This money is going to be spent on a variety of different things. School districts have to use 20% to address learning loss including academic, social, and emotional needs.

Individual district allocations should be approximately 2.2 times the second stimulus allocation.

Just like with the prior two stimulus packages, the remaining 80% can be used on other things.

Some of the funding will be used for COVID-19 related facility repairs and improvements and retaining and employing staff.

According to the Congressional Research Service, around $149 million is reserved for the state Education Department to allocate.

According to the Congressional Research Service, of that amount, SDE must allocate the following either directly to districts or through contracts or grants:

  1. 5% to address learning loss (approximately $74.7 million)
  2. 1% for summer enrichment (approximately $14.9 million)
  3. 1% for after-school programs (approximately $14.9 million)
  4. 2.5% discretionary (approximately $37.3 million)
  5. 1/2 of 1% maximum for SDE administration ($7.5 million)

It’s estimated around $430 million will go toward higher education and career technology centers.

The Congressional Research Service says based on current information, it seems as though career technology centers could receive about 1.5 times the allocation received in the most recent stimulus package.

Around $41 million will go to Governor Kevin Stitt to distribute to private schools.

Schools would have until September 2023 to spend the stimulus money.

The new relief package also includes:

  1. $122.8 billion for K-12 schools nationwide and it includes $800 million to identify and support homeless children
  2. $40 billion for higher education (including career technology centers)
  3. $2.75 billion for private schools
  4. $7.2 billion for E-rate for home internet access and connected devices
  5. $3 billion for IDEA funding
  6. Grants to states: $2.58 billion
  7. Preschool grants: $200 million
  8. Programs for infants and toddlers: $250 million

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