Now’s the time to prepare for possible power outage

Team Radio Marketing Group - January 10, 2017 12:55 pm

“It is not very often that the NWS uses strong language on Monday to describe upcoming weekend weather,” Emergency Management Director Paula  Cain said late Monday. “What we are hearing is that confidence is high some type of winter weather will occur this weekend. Based on information received today, the determining factor will be the surface temperature. Keep in mind that one degree can change everything.  And remember that winter weather forecasts can change rapidly.  By the weekend, this forecast could be completely different.”

That said, this is the time to be preparing for the possibility of a power outage, Cain said.

Some of Cain’s favorite tips:

  • Have LED flashlights on hand.  LEDs produce more light and use less power, but be sure to have extra batteries.
  • Fill empty freezer space with containers of water.  The frozen water will keep your food safe longer.
  • Stuff rugs & towels at the base of doors and windows to retain existing heat.
  • Make sure the gas tanks of all vehicles are full.
  • Select one room for your family to “live” while the power is out, and close off all other rooms.
  • Dress in layers, as you would outside, and have all bedding and linens in your living space.
  • Make it a party.  Invite family or friends to join your family.  More bodies mean more body heat.  Just make sure you have plenty of board  card games on hand for the kiddos!

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