New Tasks Forces In Noble And Kay County

Ponca City Now - September 30, 2013 8:59 am

In most Oklahoma counties drug manufacturing and selling is a problem.

And that is no different in Kay or Noble county.

So, a drug tasks force will begin finding leads today.

When district attorney, Brian Hermanson ran for his position one of his platforms was to reinstate a task force.

“The task force is a group of experienced law enforcement officers who are trained specifically in drug enforcement and major crimes, Hermanson said. "They will look for crimes that have occurred mostly in the distribution of drugs or the manufacturing of drugs in attempt to try to basically cut off the head of the monster. Basically to stop drugs from getting in the hands of the user by stopping people from making it and selling it.”

The task force was cut seven years ago because of budget cuts.

Hermanson said they are able to bring it back because of both county commissioners and forfeitures from other drug offenses.

The task force is made up of two officers, who have been training the past month.

Hermanson said they were getting the users, but not the dealers.

“If anyone has any information about person’s manufacturing or selling drugs please feel free to contact the districts attorneys office, Hermanson said. "Ask for the district attorney’s drug task force, and we’ll be glad to take your information and try to see that the problem is taken care of.”

The officers will also be back-up to violent crimes in Noble and Kay county.


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