New pet rescue in town

Ponca City Now - May 27, 2014 7:51 am

There is a new animal rescue in town, called Dros Cause. Founders, James and Naomi Cummings said they aren’t trying to intrude on the already established pet rescues.

“Humane Society gets bombarded with people dumping their dogs or tossing them over the fence, and things like that, that they have a hard time being able to pull all the ones that could be pulled at Animal Control and adopted out," Naomi Cummings said. "Paws First do the best that they can, but fosters go so fast. We want to help with the street dogs, but we already have rescues in town and the Humane Society that have established themselves in that capacity. What Dros wants to do is be able to help more so on the Animal Control pets, because the Humane Society is already so bombarded with others and fosters are so full with Paws First. Our main objective is animal control pets.”

Dros stands for Dog Rescue Organization and was established last December. They have been working with Police Chief, Don Bohon since they were created. James’ first promise to Bohon was he would get animal control dogs below a 25 percent euthanasia rate. And the rate as of now is 17.5 percent. James’ new promise to Bohon is to make the Ponca City Animal Control a no kill facility. Dros Cause’s team of 11 have networked all over the U.S. to work toward achieving the zero kill goal.

What the team does is goes to animal control everyday to take pictures of the new animals.They post to their Facebook, Friends of Ponca City Animal Control Pets and due to Animal Control policy they allow a three day grace period for owners to claim their pets. Once that three days is up, the animals are then available for adoption and the team starts hitting up rescue pages. If a rescue is interested they work with Paws First to get them released and put in the right hands.

"The adoption rate for 2012 to 2013 fiscal year was 13 animals, that were adopted," Naomi Cummings said. "The adoption rate from July 1 of 2013 to April 30, 2014 has already been 48 animals, that we have networked out and gotten adopted."

The Dros Cause’s next step is to become a licensed rescue and obtain a facility.


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