New partnership gets help for seniors quickly

Ponca City Now - May 13, 2016 3:32 pm

A program which began in the 1980s has progressed to an affiliation between the Ponca City Police Department and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

The new alliance is for the benefit of elderly residents living alone and is called Partners in Awareness (PIA).

A need was identified when an elderly woman who lived alone died in a house fire. Law enforcement officials had the obligation of notifying family members of her death and neighbors didn’t even know her name.

A registration system was formulated to maintain a data base which is only accessible to emergency responders.

Brochures and registry forms are available at the Police Department or at RSVP, 205 West Hartford, Suite 100.

“When you have an emergency need, the goal of the Ponca City Police Department is to get you help as quickly as we can,” said Police Chief Don Bohon. “During an emergency, you may not be able to tell us about yourself and if you are registered with PIA your information is readily available to us to notify your family members, doctors or to contact service providers for your special needs.”

This voluntary questionnaire contained within the brochure allows those registering to provide information about required assistance with walking, need for oxygen or other needs.

Eligibility for the programs is simple; if you are over 60 years of age, live alone or have someone in your home with physical or mental disabilities, you qualify.

Please contact RSVP at 762-9412 or the Police Department at 767-0370.


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