New Monarch Waystation Garden To Open At Domestic Violence Intervention Services In Tulsa

Beverly Cantrell - September 16, 2021 6:33 am

A monarch butterfly sipping nectar from swamp milkweed flower.

TULSA, Oklahoma – News 6

Clients at Domestic Violence Intervention Services in Tulsa have a new way of finding some peace. Counselors said the new butterfly garden at DVIS is doing something good for clients as they journey towards healing.

“I think that DVIS strives to make this a place that is really safe, where they can come let their guard down, so they can work on their healing,” said DVIS Counselor Lauren Torkleson.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Service’s new Butterfly Garden is a living metaphor for transformation.

“It looks different for each person,” said Jenee Day with DVIS. “They are coming in on this space and really just looking for support and help as they are looking to rebuild, and they come out oftentimes transformed better and stronger than they were before.”

DVIS is a nonprofit that works with men, women, and children in domestic violence or sexual violence situations. This garden, in the middle of the DVIS building, is hidden away from the world.

“I work primarily with survivors of domestic violence, however, we also serve victims of sexual assault and human trafficking,” said Torkleson. “Even if I helped only one person, it would make all of this job worth it.”

It is a safe space where clients can come to meet with their counselors or take a couple of moments of peace for themselves; despite whatever chaos they are dealing with when they go home.

“I think the best thing that I can do is one, believe them when there is not a lot of people who are,” said Torkleson.

There is no doubt the clients who come to this garden are navigating change in some form, change that just might lead to a transformation they never thought possible.

Kids at the Emergency Shelter will be decorating rocks as part of their healing process. Those rocks will be used to decorate the garden.

The garden will be open Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., so the public can come and see the space for themselves.


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