New city warrant list issued

Ponca City Now - November 6, 2015 12:51 pm

If your name is on this list, you have a Ponca City Municipal Warrant. Contact Sgt. Jerry Hall at the Ponca City Police Department to get your warrant de-activated.

Hall will schedule an appointment with the Municipal Judge to arrange a payment schedule for your fines. By calling and making these arrangements will save you from being arrested from your workplace, from a routine traffic stop or from your home.

Hall can be contacted by phone at 763-0579 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Those on the list can also come to the Police Department during those times to make arrangements.

However, if you do not follow through with your scheduled appointment with the Municipal Judge, your warrant will be re-activated.

If your name is not on this partial list of outstanding Municipal warrants, and you think you may have a warrant, give Sgt. Hall a call and he can check for you. For an entire Municipal warrant listing, visit:, choose the departments tab, then go to municipal court and then choose outstanding warrants.

Malachi A. Vitamvas fail to pay $39; Richard E. Fieger fail to appear $40; John W. King fail to pay $54; Timothy C. Stone fail to pay $59; Benjamin T. Edwards fail to pay $79; Erinn S. L. Burdick fail to pay $79; Matthew Queen fail to appear $104; Neal C. Bahnmaier fail to pay $104; Ashley K. Phillips fail to appear $104; Christopher C. Leierer fail to appear $104; James B. Cantley fail to appear $129; Miguel A. Gama fail to appear $129; Loyd R. Mason fail to appear $129; Gregory A Brown Jr. fail to pay $144; William F Tyler fail to pay $149; Shawn Boyer fail to pay $154; Lisa R. Lieb fail to pay $154; Lance A. Coburn fail to pay $154; Justin A. Lytle fail to pay $154; Kirk P. Shirley fail to pay $166; Vicki Y Solas Leclair fail to appear $189; Mark A. Trott fail to appear $189; Edith Garcia fail to appear $189; Janna D. Black fail to appear $189; Octavio H. Gomez fail to appear $189; Brant S. Brooks fail to pay $204; Geneva M. Brandt expired registration $208; Caroline C. Keene fail to pay $214; Devon K. Johnston fail to pay $219; Meagan L. Kent fail to pay $222; Rodolfo Salinas fail to pay $244; Jessica J. Rooks fail to pay $249; Timothy A. Adkins fail to appear $254.

Risa C. Brown fail to appear $254; Adam D. Tweedy fail to appear $254; Lillian A. Pappan fail to pay $254; Daryl Ramer indirect contempt of court $254; Christopher Artman indirect contempt of court $254; Frances Burrow indirect contempt of court $254; Marie Cadle indirect contempt of court $254; Gimmell Grace indirect contempt of court $254; Megan Hall indirect contempt of court $254; Forrest Walton indirect contempt of court $254; Misty Huff indirect contempt of court $254; Tracy Torres Indirect contempt of court $254; Danny Weaver indirect contempt of court $254; Graham Primeaux indirect contempt of court $254; Ciera Sherwood indirect contempt of court $254; Sarah Thompson indirect contempt of court $254.

Andrew J. Kreger indirect contempt of court $254; Colton O’Neal indirect contempt of court $254; Angela Botone indirect contempt of court $254; Lisa G. Norton indirect contempt of court $254; Lisa G. Norton fail to pay $204; Daniel J. Ramirez indirect contempt of court $254; Ariel Mallory fail to pay $254; Nickolas D. Cramer indirect contempt of court $254.

Stephen N. Harney indirect contempt of court $254; Justin Fuller fail to appear $254; Josephine Begshisown fail to pay $254; Daniel S. Stinson fail to pay $259; Desarae D. Richards fail to pay $259; Richard A. Sharpking fail to pay $284; Clarice J. Newcomer fail to pay $288; William P. Walker fail to pay $289; Justin D. McKinney fail to pay $303; Ryan K. Rodriguez fail to pay $339; Bristan S. Schaeffer fail to pay $342; Kenneth J. Thompson fail to pay $351; McKenzie D. Adams fail to pay $358; Jason M. Logan fail to pay $363; Jacinda V. Grace fail to pay $370; Shayley D. Arruda fail to pay $377; David Martinez fail to appear $378; Carlos Ibarra Jr. fail to appear $378; Joshua A. Mehojah fail to pay $393; Karmen Croley fail to appear $359; Misty Gibson fail to appear $403; Sparks S. Leighty fail to pay $414; Bryant K. Evans fail to pay $423; Shaneika D. Criner fail to pay $436.

Patrick L. Kiser fail to pay $464; Cynthia M.R. Brumley fail to pay $489; LeAnn Badley tampering with public utilities $503; John W. Badley tampering with public utilities $503; Curtis L. Henderson fail to appear $503; Tashina M. Jeans fail to appear $503; Chelsea A. Moody fail to pay $503; James L. Lowe fail to pay $504; Danny F. Weaver fail to pay $504; Bethany N. Oxford fail to pay $504; Dana M. Siebold fail to pay $505; Lydia M. Castaneda fail to pay $538; Dakota M. Cohorn fail to pay $539; Anthony Lazo fail to pay $543; Dustin L. Kent fail to pay $549; Arlena M. Roy fail to pay $550; Matthew E. Hutchison fail to appear $551; Angela R. Galindo fail to pay $552; Jerry L. Avriett fail to appear $554; Phillip E. Burgess petit larceny $554; Coralie R. Daugomah false information $554; Denise L. Epperson fail to appear $554; Trevis L. Moss fail to appear $554; Lilly M. Adams petit larceny $554; Dakota Craig false information $554.

Shannon K. McDaniel fail to appear $559; Suzanne D. Powell fail to appear $594; Suzanne D. Powell fail to pay 465; Ivy L. DeLodge fail to pay $603; Bradley E. Moore fail to appear $613; Jonathon K. Baker fail to pay $623; Brandi M. West fail to pay $643; Brandi M. West indirect contempt $254; Trequan D. Elston fail to pay $660; Jerry D. Robb fail to pay $739; Kenneth R. Kemble fail to pay $743; Courtney L. Grant fail to pay $750; Kenneth S. Alexander fail to pay $777; Frances J.S.A Burrow fail to pay $787; Lisa D. Lucas fail to appear $804; Michael D. Osterman fail to pay $837; Edward F. Pratt fail to pay $837; Kyle W. Leon fail to pay $842; Paul C. Roughface Jr. fail to pay $958; Edward N. Barrilleaux fail to pay $967; Steven Ray Johnston fail to pay $1003; Vivian D. Hernandez fail to pay $1039; Juanita N. Tarvin fail to pay $1058; Forrest S. Walton fail to pay $1103.

Robert M. Kidder fail to appear $1103; Ronald R. Butler fail to pay $1130; Ashley L. Munroe fail to pay $1212; Ashley L. Munroe indirect contempt of court $254; Brandon J. Freeman fail to pay $1250; Charles M. Miller fail to pay $1363; Cylenia R Clark fail to appear $1383; Louann B. Martin fail to appear $1387; Christopher R. Branham fail to pay $1556; Donella L. Miller fail to appear $1902; Terry W. Bowlin fail to pay $1917; Donald J. Williams fail to pay $2137; Michael E. Norvell fail to pay $2269; Leticia Salinas fail to pay $2355; Jadion C. Roubedeaux fail to pay $2535; Bryan J. Everhart fail to pay $2754; Michael David Martin fail to pay $2784; Jerry W. Klein fail to pay $3111; Jonah P. Pratt fail to pay $3177; John W. Washington fail to pay $3803. John W. Washington indirect contempt $254; Diane C. Criesforribs fail to pay $4168; Roxanne N. Hess fail to pay $4455; Danny L. Bryer fail to pay $5137.


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