National Severe Weather Preparedness Week just in time for tornado season

Ponca City Now - March 6, 2014 3:15 pm

FEMA and the National Weather Service claims this as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Which is just in time for Oklahoma, considering our highest risk for tornadoes comes in Spring.

The first day of spring is a little less than two weeks away on March 20 and the Weather Channel said most tornadoes happen in the next three months.

Paula Cain with Ponca City Emergency Services said FEMA and the National Weather Service has a three step program to prepare.

The first step is knowing your risk.

“ We know we’ve got lightening and hail and thunder and tornadoes and high winds,people are pretty informed about that, but it’s an important part of it,” Cain said.

Having phone apps or a weather radio is also part of knowing your risk.

Cain said the second step is take action by developing a plan with your family and business.

The third step is be an example and encourage others to plan ahead.

“ They have done numerous studies after the tornadoes in Missouri and also here in Oklahoma, and its just proven that people want more than one warning and they tend to trust their friends," Cain said. "So, if you hear of bad weather please tell your friends.”

As part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week the National Weather Service sponsored a social media drill earlier this week.

One person sent out a message, which was received by 100,00 people by the end of the day.


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