Movie rebate extension

Ponca City Now - January 28, 2014 6:30 am

Rumor has it Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale could be making their way to Ponca City to shoot a movie.

However, the process of filming a movie is not cut and dry.

Oklahoma has a film enhancement rebate program, which is under dicussion.

The rebate failed to get extended in last legislative session.

This extension affects the future of E.W. Marland’s story being properly portrayed at the homes he lived in.

Marland was a former governor and the founder of Conoco who resided in Ponca City in the early 20 th century.

According to Oklahoma film and music, if we don’t have the rebate productions will go where they can get the best deal.

Speculations are they would be forced to film in Texas or Canada.

Filming in Oklahoma would help the economy.

In fiscal year 2012 six films returned more than $15 million directly to Oklahoma’s economy.

It would also create jobs, encourage entrepreneurship and industry development and retain a young creative class.

A 10-year extension could also recruit TV series.

A TV series provides at least 100 jobs and spends about $1 million per episode.

If you want to see this extension happen email your representative or senator.


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