Motorcycle safety tips from Ponca City police chief

Ponca City Now - April 8, 2014 6:26 am

Pools are beginning to open, flowers are blooming and motorcycles are coming out of the garages.

Although summer is a time for fun, drivers need to start watching for motorcycles.

I spoke to Ponca City Police Chief, Don Bohon about motorcycle safety reminders.

"Wear pants, wear good shoes, wear a shirt, wear something to protect yourself," Bohon said.

Helmets for riders 18 and under and eye protection for all riders is the law.

Oklahoma also requires you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license

Bohon said it’s better if riders don’t ride side-by-side.

“A lot of times in town you see them running two-a-breast in one lane," Bohon said. "I would prefer they didn’t do that, because it doesn’t allow them any escape routes or anything if something happens. One of them’s going to react and run right into the other one. I would prefer that they ride in two different lanes or single file or whatever the case may be, but a lot of the times you’ll see them riding side-by-side in the one lane and that’s not exactly a real safe practice. Part of it is the camaraderie of it, I understand that. When you are riding side-by-side in one lane you don’t have anywhere to really go, you have a curb or another motorcycle if something jumps out in front of you. If you both take invasive action you may run right into each other and then the only people that get hurt are the people on the motorcycles.”

Although Bohon said motorcycle accidents numbers are low, vehicle drivers need to watch out as well.

Accidents often happen during left turns.

Vehicle drivers focus on the car a few blocks down, missing the motorcycle right in front of them. has all the Oklahoma motorcycle laws.

Click here for Rules of the Road.

Click here for equipment laws.

Click here for information on Motorcycle Safety and Education Program.


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