Mother Speaks Out Over Sons Alleged Abuse By Shawnee Basketball Coach 15 Years Later

Beverly Cantrell - September 14, 2021 7:30 am

Shawnee Ok-News 9

On Monday night at the Shawnee School Board Meeting, a mother had the courage to speak out over her son’s alleged abuse by his former high school basketball coach.

This mother says 15 years ago her family went through the proper channels to report Ron Arthur allegedly abused her son.

But she says all he got was a short suspension that she says allowed him to continue the pattern of abuse.

“Both the school system and law enforcement failed not only my son, but possibly so many other students,” she said.

The assistant athletic director at Shawnee high school is now facing charges for allegedly raping a student in 2011 and coercing another student into sexual conduct earlier this year.

Formal charges against Arthur include second-degree rape, forcible sodomy and soliciting sexual contact with a minor through technology.

The new allegations from last night’s board meeting date back to 2007.

This mother says her son worried it was too late to speak up and she wanted to share his story in hopes of inspiring other possible victims to come forward.

“Yes, it does matter. That the past does not change who you are we are shaped by what we do in the present moment. In the present moment,” she said.

An investigation uncovered Arthur had been reprimanded or suspended eight times over the course of his 17-year career for various reasons.

The district suspended him last month and a termination hearing is scheduled later this week.



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