More Than 350 New Laws Go Into Effect Monday In Oklahoma

Beverly Cantrell - October 28, 2021 6:57 am


More than 350 new laws will take effect in Oklahoma early next week.

This is a big change from last year when only around 60 laws were passed.

The large number of new laws is due to legislators being unable to meet as often in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act, also known as Senate Bill 368, will prohibit any governmental entity from closing any religious institution.

Senate Bill 200 will allow victims of domestic violence to terminate a rental lease early without facing financial penalties.

House Bill 2380 allows customers to serve themselves beer and wine from automated machines.

Bar owners said HB 2380 will help with labor shortages.

“The self-pour concept hasn’t come to Oklahoma, but we see it in other states,” Oklahoma Craft Brewers Association president Patrick Lively said. “It will provide a new experience for customers and promote people getting back into restaurants and bars.”

Senate Bill 646 will allow liquor stores to regulate weapons. Employees are now allowed to carry guns as long as they have permission from the owner.

“When we ran this bill, the situation we were trying to resolve was making sure someone had the ability to defend themselves through the use of lawful force,” state Rep. Jay Steagall.

Ida’s Law for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Oklahomans, Senate Bill 172, will also go into effect Nov. 1.

State Representative Mickey Dollens, the original author for the bill, said it now changes the way people view missing and murdered indigenous persons.

“It creates a position within the Oklahoma State Bureau,” Dollens said. “To help families navigate the jurisdictional boundaries between tribal police, local and federal law enforcement.

More Than 350 New Laws Go Into Effect Monday In Oklahoma

In addition, three new anti-abortion laws that were scheduled to take effect on Nov. 1 are still up in the air at this time.


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