Ch 9 - February 15, 2024 6:18 am

Midwest couple use taser on child(ch 9)

Midwest City couple was charged with child abuse.

The two adults are accused of using a Taser and a tree branch to discipline a child.

Police say the child revealed the abuse to an officer at his school.

According to court filings, the officer visited with the young boy after he got in trouble at school, and pleaded with the officer not to send him home. The officer said the child was petrified of the punishment he’d face.

Neighbors, who live along the quiet street where were left in shock. They asked not to be seen on camera. They said they rarely saw the little boy who lived in their neighborhood. “I never even really saw him. I just knew that they had one because I could hear some kids playing sometimes in the backyard,” said a concerned neighbor.

In painstaking detail, court filings revealed the extent of abuse the 10-year-old boy said he endured.

Forensically Interviewed at OU Children’s Hospital, the child told investigators Jaime Ahmad and her boyfriend Robert Davis often used a Taser and belt to punish him. But after breaking the belt over his back, he said they resorted to using the Taser and a tree branch. “I just can’t imagine, I feel so sorry for that little boy,” said the concerned neighbor.

Court filings showed medical professionals provided police with photos of the ‘victim’s scars and marks’. “Puts a lot of righteous anger inside of me just to hear when any child gets treated like that,” said the concerned neighbor.

Investigators said the child’s guardians would set a five-minute time limit to complete his chores or homework. And if he wasn’t done “when the time went off, he was hit with the branch or tased”. “I’m praying for him, that he finds a family that will love him the way all children deserve to be loved,” said the concerned neighbor.

Records show two other children were previously removed from the home. Police recovered a Taser from the home.

Documents showed when confronted by a DHS caseworker over the abuse, one of the defendants stated “There wasn’t a law against her using the Taser on the child.”


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