Meet county commissioner candidate Jason Shanks

Ponca City Now - January 10, 2014 6:03 am

The County Commissioner Seat no. 2 is up for grabs.

Republicans, Jason Shanks and Jim Thomas are the candidates.

I caught up with Shanks to hear about his motivation to run.

“My goal will be the economic development and the reason that is, is for the financial side of county government, the backbone of finances," Shanks said. " Without finances there is no money in your general fund or your highway fund.”

He said with this will come better roads and bridges.

Shank’s is a bridge inspector, who has been involved with 15 counties and numerous county commissioners.

" I have had the opportunity to observe the county government serving their constituents and I have grown an interest in how they serve their voters in their district," Shanks said. "I’ve seen the challenges, responsibility and dedication that it requires."

Shanks is married to Kim Shanks and has a two-year old son, Schafer.

He also plans to budget money for the Main Street offices and Chamber of Commerces.

The election for county commissioner is Tuesday.


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