McAlester Mom Facetime Military Dad to Cheer up Daughter Meeting Santa

News 6 - December 28, 2022 9:23 am

A McAlester mom knew just what to do when her daughter was crying while meeting Santa, she decided to FaceTime her husband in the military.

For little one-year-old Dailee, it was a little scary meeting Santa Clause.

“She was not happy at all, she was like scream-crying,” said her mom Laney McEvers

Laney says she, along with Dailee’s grandma, and the photographer were trying everything they could to get her to crack a smile.

“We tried coco melon, we tried dancing, we tried everything, we looked like clowns,” Laney said.

Then they got the idea to FaceTime Dailee’s dad, Jacob, who is serving our country overseas.

“We called him and she was pretty happy and then the photographer Heather was like oh let’s just take a picture with him, so they could have a picture with Santa, and then she was like oh let’s grab some flags from the Fourth of July stuff,” she said.

That’s how this picture went viral, getting shared on LaMon Photography Facebook page nearly 1,000 times. Dailee Face Timing her dad, with a smile on her face, and Santa behind her, and holding an American flag.

“He was very respectful and kind, and he was just so sweet and made it so special,” Laney said.

Laney says they try to FaceTime Jacob as much as they can and include him in every moment possible, but it is hard being apart, especially around the holidays.

“It’s been pretty tough, it’s hard because everybody is happy and it’s a great time of year, but it’s hard to incorporate him while he’s gone, but we try our hardest,” she said.

She says she hopes Jacob will be home in a few months, but on Christmas, they plan to FaceTime and open gifts together. And while they can’t be with each other in person, she’s thankful for her new favorite Christmas memory.

“It turned out to be the most special picture to us,” she said.


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