Ch 9 - March 27, 2024 7:22 am

Baltimore bridge collapse March 27, 2024.(AP photo)

The collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge is reminiscent of an Oklahoma bridge collapse in 2002.

A bridge on Interstate-40 collapsed over the Arkansas River near Weber’s Falls. Fourteen people died on May 26th after a tugboat operator passed out and slammed into the bridge.

The Maryland bridge is nearly 17 times the size of the Oklahoma bridge. It was hit by a cargo ship in the early morning hours after the ship experienced power outages.

The 2002 collapse happened during commuting hours with no warning. Baltimore authorities had a few moments to limit traffic on the bridge before the collapse.

The near total darkness has made search and rescue more difficult for the Baltimore responders. The I-40 collapse happened in broad daylight, and even some nearby fishermen were able to pull people to safety.

Oklahoma bridge collapse 2002(file photo).

Maryland Bridge Collapse Reminiscent Of 2002 Oklahoma Bridge Collapse



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