Man Rides on Back of Semi From Wichita, Kansas to Logan County, Oklahoma

News 9 - October 7, 2022 12:29 pm

Dustin Slocum


Body camera video captured images of a man who allegedly hitched a ride on the back of a semi-truck for more than one hundred miles.

Several calls to 911 were made early Monday morning. According to callers the hitchhiker was hanging from a truck traveling along I-35.

Dustin Slocum claimed he jumped on the truck in Kansas and rode into Oklahoma.

According to troopers, the semi-truck stopped in Logan County after other motorists caught his attention by flashing their headlights. The driver said he had no idea he had a passenger,

The semi driver appeared to be just as surprised and taken aback as the deputies and troopers who responded.

“You’re good dude. It’s something new for me, I’ve never seen that happen before man,” a deputy is heard saying.

“He was just holding on to the rail on the back of the trailer,” said Trooper Eric Foster with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Slocum told troopers he was offered the ride.

Another truck driver called 911 and said what he initially thought was a bad Halloween prank left him shaken.

At one point a trooper is seen on video climbing onto the back of the semi in an effort to understand how Slocum managed to hang on for more than one hundred miles.

Another trooper noted Slocum’s stamina.

Slocum was arrested, something troopers said they were grateful for.

“We are very fortunate this was not a fatal situation,” said Foster.

According to court filings Slocum was charged with joyriding and public intoxication.


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